Blå Station - Gap Chair

Blå Station makes stackable swivel chair

Swedish furniture brand Blå Station has made a stackable swivel chair with a gap in the seat for each leg to slide into.

The Gap Chair features a steel swivel base with one leg leading down to a cross-shape with four feet. The defining feature of the chair is the gap that runs half way down the centre line of the veneer seat and is just wide enough for each leg to slot into - a small detail that opens up a new realm in stackable furniture.

They’ve also made a small round accessory that you can use to hang the chair from any table. You screw the piece onto the underside of a table’s surface and slide the chair onto the fixture down the seat’s gap.

Berlin-based designers Osko+Deichmann have applied the same idea to the stackable Gap Table that also features a slit down to the centre of the surface, wide enough for the single leg of another table to slot into.

The Gap collection comes in walnut oak or ash veneer and is available with leather and fabric upholstery.