Blå Station - Lucky lounge chair

Blå Station makes lounge chair with smiling mouth

Blå Station has added a lounge chair to its Lucky range of chairs that has an opening in the back where the seat peaks through.

The chair’s frame is made from one piece of c-shaped veneer that curves deeply round from one arm to the other. It’s got a mouth-shaped gap at the back that separates the backrest piece from the base of the chair, and you can see the seat through the middle. The seat itself is fixed on either side at the front of the frame and reaches back into the gap so that, from the side, it looks like a tongue.

Apart from its new proportions, the lounge version has a thicker padded strip running round the inside of the back and it’s also got a thick upholstered seat cushion where the dining version has a thin upholstered pad.

The collection was created by Slovenian designer Luka Stepan in a choice of oak or walnut plywood and you can upholster the cushion in leather or textiles.

Available: 6-8 weeks
RRP ex VAT: £1,718