Bla Station - Dent Lounge Chair

Blå Station launches lounge chair with crumpled surface

The wavy leather surface of the Dent lounge chair from Blå Station resembles a piece of paper that's been screwed up and smoothed out again.

Luckily, it’s far more comfortable than it looks. There's a layer of foam padding to soften the bumps, which are less pronounced in the middle and gently supportive towards the edges. It flexes a little back and forth with the natural movement of plywood when you sit on it.

The piece is the latest addition to the Dent collection, which started with a dining chair. Designers Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindstrom of Swedish studio o4i first made the prototype chair in 2012, using steel plates with a large sheet of crumpled paper glued on top. They brought this with them in the boot of their car to Stockholm Furniture Fair that year.

When Blå Station’s CEO and design manager Johan Lindau met the designers at the fair, he was invited out to the carpark to be the first to see the prototype. The idea piqued his interest straight away, and together they developed a special compression machine with a bumpy plate that would leave that same imprint in the wood.

The machine presses down onto the layers of veneer and moves around until all points have made contact. This process takes much longer than making a plywood shell with a flat, smooth surface, where the machine can press down once in the exact shape.

This new lounge chair version adds an layer of upholstery on top, comes with a swivel base and can be covered in different fabrics and leathers. There’s also a Dent bar stool, originally made with metal legs but now available with wooden legs too.