Biliiani - Layer chair

Angular frame brings lightness to armchair

Italian wooden furniture specialist Billiani has produced a light and airy armchair with angular legs that lift the backrest and arms away from the seat to create space.

German designer Michael Geldmacher formed the back and armrests of the Layer chair from one piece of curved plywood with upholstery on the inside of the back. The arms sit on top of the legs, lifting the back piece away from the upholstered seat to create space around the back and sides.

The back legs shoot down from the armrests and the tips of the arms roll down into the front legs, while the seat peeks out past the front and back legs on both sides. The frame comes in stained or lacquered ashwood.

Billiani produces its carefully crafted wooden furniture from its headquarters in Manzano, Italy - one of three municipalities in the “Italian chair district” that has over a century of experience in wooden furniture production.