BD Barcelona - Grasso lounge chair

Stephen Burks designs chair that’s too big for its own frame

American designer Stephen Burks has created a bulbous, overflowing armchair for Spanish furniture brand BD Barcelona, with a leather-upholstered body that's been squeezed into a tubular steel frame.

It’s called Grasso, the Italian word for fat. The arms and back are all one piece, spilling over the top rail of the frame and bulging through the gaps below.

There’s a rim that runs around the seat cushion, forcing the underside of the seat out the bottom, and its back legs splay out to look as if they’re buckling under the weight of the excessive upper half. There’s also a Grasso footrest and bar stool in the same style.

Designer Stephen Burks wanted to play with the idea of comfort in a sloppy, overflowing kind of way. While experimenting with materials made by Swedish flooring company Bolon for different parts of the chair’s upholstery, he designed a version of Grasso with a woven vinyl material upholstered on the back and sides with shaggy threads of space-dyed yarn wool hanging off like strands of spaghetti.

The collection was presented as a concept in Milan and is going into production soon.

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