Atelier de Troupe - Alice chandelier

Brass cage encases blocks of light

Brutalist modular architecture inspired the frosty glass cubes and graphic frame of this industrial chandelier created by LA design studio Atelier de Troupe.

Mouth-blown glass cubes are stacked together like building blocks in two columns joined together by one row going across. Some of the cubes have bulbs inside that emit a soft glow through the sandblasted glass, while others are left empty to diffuse the light from other cubes.

The grid-like frame encases the rows and columns like a cage, drawing graphic outlines along the flat sides of the cubes. These angular lines frame the empty space between the cubes so you get an architectural arrangement of blocked out shapes softened by glowing lights like illuminated windows in a cityscape.

The frame comes in natural or blackened brass while the cubes come in either white or clear sandblasted glass. The whole structure is supported by four black cloth chords that continue the strict lines of the shapes below.