Astep & Flos - Sarfatti Lights

Gino Sarfatti lights back in production

Italian designer Gino Sarfatti’s 1959 Le Sfere lighting collection is now back in production through a collaboration between Italian lighting firms Astep, founded by the designer’s grandson, and Flos.

Le Sfere range includes a chandelier and two wall lamps, each featuring blown opaline glass spheres of light that sit in painted gold aluminium rings. The chandelier version has 24 globes arranged in a ring, all linked together with gold aluminum brackets. Each sphere has a separate cable that comes out through a round, gold plate at the back of the lamp. The cables all reach up above the centre of the ring, giving the whole chandelier a grand, trumpet-shaped outline.

The wall lamps come with either one sphere or two side by side. They have the same composition and are fixed to a gold plate on the wall.

Le Sfere collection, named after the Italian word for sphere, was designed by the grandfather of Astep founder Alessandro Sarfatti, Gino Sarfatti, who was inspired by the light and shape of the moon. He produced the collection through his own artisanal lighting company, Arteluce, up until the late 1970s when Flos acquired the brand.

The collection was shown in Milan at the Palazzo Litta exhibition and is available to order now.

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