Asplund - Wedge Rug

Asplund makes rug out of beech wood fibres

Stockholm brand Asplund has made a rug out of beech wood fibres created by Swedish designer Marie-Louise Hellgren.

Called Wedge, the rug is hand-tufted in Tencel, a branded material made of fibres from trees grown in cultivated northern european forests. The production process requires less water than a rug made from cotton, and the result is as soft as silk to touch. The fibres are also more absorbent than cotton so they need less dye to achieve the same colour intensity. The rug has a triangular pattern in varying shades of either blue or neutral beiges.

Asplund came across the designer’s work at Tent London in 2017, when she showed indigo coloured sustainable wood flooring with the same pattern of triangles in graduating shades. Asplund then worked with Marie-Louise to achieve the same aesthetic in a rug.

Wedge is available to order now with other colour options available on request.