Asplund - MON XI XI Cabinet

Asplund launches mini version of Xi Cabinet

Asplund has released a mini version of the Xi Cabinet, called Mon Xi Xi, which is made of a satisfying combination of perfect circles and squares.

The body is a lacquered oak veneer cube with two doors on the front. A large circular brass handle sits over the middle of the doors and is glued to the left one. On the inside, you’ll find two MDF shelves. The cabinet sits on four spherical solid oak feet and you can see the wood grain through the lacquered finish.

Swedish designer Pia Wallen was inspired by traditional Chinese wedding cabinets that feature circles painted over the centre of the two doors. This sparked her idea to use the circle as the handle, which she’s also done with her clutch bags and jewellery that have circular clasps. Pia named the cabinet collection after her daughter Xi, who was born in China.

The new version comes in either a tone of charcoal they’re calling “char grey” or a dusty pink, and also as a wall-mounted version without the feet. The original Xi cabinet is available in “gray grey” or white with MDF shelves, or in the deluxe version in a rich shade of “Xina red” with glass shelves and a brass back.

Mon Xi Xi is available to order now for delivery in September.