Artemide - Gople pendant light

BIG designs pendant light that helps plants grow

Danish architecture practise BIG has created a mouth-blown Venetian glass pendant for Artemide, which incorporates a red, white and blue lighting system that encourages plant growth.

The glass shade combines white and crystal glass to make one piece that gradually blends from cloudy at the top to clear towards the bottom. The light source is behind the white glass, which diffuses the light, and you can also opt for a silver or copper metalized finish for the whole shade.

This is the first decorative lamp to use Artemide’s patented RWB lighting system that combines red, white and blue light with indirect diffused white light. You can choose which colour your light emits and each colour encourages a different phase of photosynthetic plant growth. You can alternatively specify just a plain white light source if you're in it for the look rather than the life-sustaining capabilities.