Artek - Atelier chair

Artek makes wooden chair for Swedish national museum

You can now specify the stackable chair that was created for Stockholm’s newly renovated Nationalmuseum by Swedish design studio TAF for Finnish furniture brand Artek.

The museum commissioned TAF founders Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Stahlbom to redesign its public spaces. They created the Atelier chair for its new restaurant and based their design on a 20th century chair created by Swedish architect Sven Markelius. In the original design, Sven connected the front and back legs with a low wooden rail fixed on to each side.

In TAF’s interpretation, these connecting pieces are flat and curl at one end to hook around the front legs, streamlining the connection and softening the overall shape. The seat has rounded corners and the outer corners of the legs are curved too. The tops of the back legs recline slightly to create a more comfortable angle for the backrest, which also has rounded corners in contrast to Sven’s sharp rectangle.

In keeping with Artek’s sustainable values, the Atelier chair is made from locally sourced wood and is available in natural lacquered oak, ash and beech. It comes in either black, green or dark red and is stackable up to seven chairs.

Author: Femke Gow