Arper - Cila Go chair

Arper makes chair with under-seat storage

Italian brand Arper has launched a compact chair with generous storage space beneath the seat, designed by Barcelona design studio Lievore Altherr for flexible working environments.

The Cila Go chair is made up of two polypropylene shells. The top half has a backrest that curves gently around the upholstered, cushioned seat, and the bottom half is like a cubby hole underneath the seat. It’s got discrete casters that you can lock in place when you’re not using them, and you can get a little swivel desk that fixes to the seat with a tubular arm.

The chair comes in peach, rusty orange, stone blue, black or white and you can mix and match colours for the base and seat. You can choose between two different shapes for the backrest; one that slopes straight down to the front of the seat, and the other with more prominent armrests. There’s also a stool version with no backrest.