&tradition - Betty chair

&tradition launches stackable chair with webbed seat

Danish furniture brand &tradition has produced a wooden chair with a webbed linen seat, created by Swedish-Finnish duo Thau and Kallio, and launching in Cologne this week.

Called Betty, the chair is named after Copenhagen’s Betty Nansen theatre, a wooden pavilion built in 1857 and run by its namesake Danish actress until the mid twentieth century. The webbed seat is handwoven in natural linen and strapped in a lattice design over a frame made from lacquered solid wood and form-pressed veneer. It stands on rounded solid wood legs and the backrest perches on top with a gentle recline.

The wooden frame comes in dark shades of maroon, midnight blue or black, all of which allow the light linen seat to stand out as the defining feature of this minimalist chair.

Sami Kallio and Jakob Thau both studied design and trained as carpenters. They joined forces in 2015, creating contemporary wooden furniture for industry leading brands including Fredericia and Gemla.

Author: Femke Gow