Andreu World - Nuez stool

Patricia Urquiola designs ribbed plastic stool

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has created a stool with a ribbed plastic seat that pinches together at the sides for furniture brand Andreu World.

The idea of opening a walnut inspired Patricia to name the collection Nuez, meaning nut in Spanish. The back corners where the stool’s backrest meets the seat are fused together with a ridged seam, so it looks like they open out from the same point.

The ribbed lines on the outside of the plastic run horizontally along the seat and vertically down the back, converging when they reach the prominent seal. Both the backrest and seat curve inwards and upwards at the sides, exaggerating the petal-like effect of the seat opening up.

The stool comes with a range of different bases including a tubular metal sled frame, a cantilever base, and a wooden or metal swivel base with four legs. It’s available in both bar and counter stool heights, and there’s a chair version too.

Andreu World presented the stool at Orgatec alongside other updates to the Nuez collection, including the chair with its seat now available in Kvadrat’s latest jacquard Glow fabric.