Amura - Brooklyn sofa

Velvet cinema seats inspire chic sofa

Milan designer Stefano Bigi has created an elegant sofa inspired by 1930s velvet cinema seats for Italian furniture brand Amura.

The softly rounded Brooklyn sofa has separate seat and back cushions joined together side by side like a row of cinema seats with plump armrests at each end. A thin frame upholstered in leather supports the sofa round the back and sides, holding each cushion separately while following their outlines.

The cushions all sit on a lacquered aluminium base, which is light and angular in comparison to the soft upper half, and its short pointy legs splay out slightly to the sides.

The combination of velvet and and dark leather creates a 1930s retro chic aesthetic, but you can also choose other fabrics for the upholstery. The sofa comes as a three or two-seater and there’s also an ottoman.