Agnes Morguet - Calm sideboard

Calming blue landscape adorns wooden sideboard

Photos of serene landscapes by the sea inspired German designer-maker Agnes Mourget to use multi-tonal streaks of blue across the woodgrain of the Calm sideboard.

Agnes recreated photos of landscapes as watercolour drawings, and then applied that liveliness and unpredictability of colour to the two front doors of her sideboard. The varied lines and curves in the ashwood provide the perfect surface to create a landscape with depth, like the endless expanse of a long beach at low tide.

You can open the cabinet using the leather tabs at the top of each door, and it stands on a tall white metal frame.

Abstract representations of landscapes have been a growing trend in furniture releases this year. Back in June, we wrote about New York brand Cold Picnic’s rugs inspired by Tunisian deserts, and Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties created a collection of carpets covered in splotches of moss green and deep blue sea.

At our autumn trends Briefing event, we included the Calm sideboard in our presentation of how the landscape trend is developing.

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