A Rum Fellow - Titica rug

Mayan kingdom inspires geometric rug patterns

The ancient Mayan architecture of a kingdom that was recently discovered beneath the Guatemalan jungle inspired the geometric patterns of this softly coloured rug created by London textiles and furniture brand A Rum Fellow.

The flat-weave Titica rug is part of the brand’s Izapa collection of rugs and cushions, covered in patterns that capture the complex networks of stepped structures hidden beneath a thick forest. It features tessellating colourful triangles and squares in leafy green and earthy cream with blocks of dusty pink and blonde.

It comes in one standard size with custom sizes available, and the rest of the collection features similarly graphic patterns with angular shapes in warm colours.

A Rum Fellow creates its textiles in collaboration with a female Mayan weaving cooperative in Guatemala, who made the Titica rug from New Zealand wool using the Soumak weaving technique to create its intricate braided texture.