Candidate Policy

Clippings Limited Candidate Privacy Notice

We, Clippings Ltd., respect the privacy of your personal data. You have voluntarily participated in our recruitment process and have provided to Clippings application documents, such as CV, cover letter, portfolio, or other documents of your choice, for the purposes of the selection process. Such documents contain personal data (your name, family name, email, address, phone number, education, work experience, other skills, competencies and qualifications, etc.) that falls under the special treatment and protection of the Data Protection Law and the 2016/679 Regulation and with respect to which Clippings has adopted appropriate safeguards to protect it.
With this Notice, Clippings Ltd. wishes to inform you that your personal data is stored in our database and is processed, per to the requirements of the Bulgarian and European data protection legislation.

If you accept an offer of employment from Clippings Ltd. or its subsidiaries, any relevant personal data collected during your pre-employment period will become part of your personnel records and will be retained in accordance with the Data Protection Law and the 2016/679 Regulation. If we do not employ you, we may nevertheless continue to retain and use your personal data for a period of time (18 months) for system administration purposes, to consider you for potential future roles and perform research. If you do not want to be considered for other positions or would like to have your data removed, you may contact Clippings Ltd. as specified below. Unless required for tax or other legal purposes or in connection with employment as specified above, your data will only be retained for as long as it is needed for the purposes outlined in this Notice (or less where required by law).

As mentioned above, “recruitment purposes” include communicating with you, internally evaluating your qualifications and skills, preparing for an interview or screening discussions. Résumés submitted to Clippings Ltd. for review should only include information relevant to job qualifications and employment history including prior employment, relevant positions and dates, significant accomplishments, education, degrees or certifications obtained, dates and issuing institutions and other relevant awards or achievements.

Аs per the legal requirements and internal rules of Clippings Ltd. you have the right to receive information about the type and volume of your data that we store; you may request your data to be deleted, corrected in the event of inconsistency, oppose the processing, or request processing of personal data to be limited, by contacting the person designated by us at; 134-146 Curtain Road, Unit 407 Curtain House, London, London EC2A 3AR, GB

Last Updated: April 15, 2019