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KLOSSTM is a small manufacturer with a large heart, with production in Denmark and offices in Norway.

KLOSSTM is a small manufacturer with a large heart, with production in Denmark and offices in Norway. We build our business on a design philosophy anchored in the Scandinavian design tradition with a global perspective. Consideration for the user and belief in the effect of stimulating surroundings characterises our choices and priorities. Furniture for children must be stimulating on all levels. Good design, sensible functions and durable constructions and materials are a pre- requisite for all products that are produced by KLOSSTM. KLOSSTM produces “happy furniture” that is both good to use and good to look at. The whole & function THE ENTIRE KLOSSTM COLLECTION IS PRODUCED IN THE SAME MATERIAL - 15, 18 OR 27 MM FSC CERTIFIED BIRCH PLYWOOD COATED WITH FORMICA HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE or Forbo linoleum. All production takes place at the factory in Denmark. The collection is included in a design-wise whole throughout the entire kindergarten so different expressions are avoided from different production sites. In the KLOSS kindergarten concept there is focus on the whole in function and aesthetics. The furniture is designed to stand together, but also has the identity to stand alone. All elements are intended to communicate with each other, be used against each other and give multifunctional possibilities across most rooms. When planning the kindergarten there is significant focus on the correct choice of product and colour, we want to create an optimal platform for activities that contribute to reinforcing the child's identity. Pedagogics KLOSSTM furniture is developed with a background in the child’s natural development of imagination, creativity, the need to create and approach to life. The multifunctional design is inspired by the child's behaviour and how they artistically create their own universe with the aid of objects around them. KLOSSTM adapts for activities and experiences, and tells the child that something is going to happen. KLOSS will prepare so that the “child's job becomes play”. Aesthetics We try to design furniture with an advanced simplicity, which easily described means that the furniture shall be aesthetically beautiful, robust, be able to be used multifunctionally as a chair and toy - all in one. “Tassen”, for example, is a tabouret that with its sitting surface stimulates the child's motorics. In its expression it gives associations to the animal world and is easy to take along - even for the smallest. Thus, it also becomes an active playmate. And when it isn’t in use and is stacked with different colours in a corner, it looks like a sculpture. KLOSSTM has as a goal to contribute to the cultivation of children's aesthetic sense. We believe that it is an important social task that children are met by thought through, complete and aesthetically good environments. Environment/sustainability KLOSSTM furniture is produced in robust materials that guarantee a lifespan of minimum 25-30 years. KLOSSTM only uses FSC certified birch plywood and environmentally certified high-pressure laminate and linoleum. We offer a 5-year warranty on all products. Quality KLOSSTM products are tested according to applicable DIN EN standards and approved at the Technological Institute in Tåstrup, Denmark.

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