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Valuable Roots Klöber has its origins in the pioneering spirit of the 1930s.

Valuable Roots Klöber has its origins in the pioneering spirit of the 1930s. Margarete Klöber founded a factory for healthy seating in 1935, which championed the idea of sitting in healthy comfort in the office. In the first incarnation of dynamic sitting, she supported the seat and backrest on springs. At the time, this bold idea was completely innovative in the office world and was the result of a passion for health and comfort paired with consistency in manufacture. Care for the well-being of the user in the workplace has remained the driving force behind Klöber’s product development. The idea of healthy sitting for all, the search for maximum comfort and the resourceful combination of new technologies are what the brand is all about. Klöber delivers health and comfort at work. In the 1950s, inspired by the spirit of the times, organic forms also ensured an upright posture at the desk. Upholstery was a welcome addition to the chairs and the backrest was given its own mechanism in order to support movement. The 1970s gave the office swivel chair not only hydraulic height adjustment but also the plastic shells that were so typical of the times. Klöber responded to the boom of the 1980s with a true classic, called Connex. The striking triangle on the backrest and the central seam became hallmarks of the brand. Connex was popular with many outfitters and is still to be found in banks and public buildings. The turn of the century marked the consistent optimisation of the useful functions of dynamic sitting. Health and comfort are of equal importance to product development. A focus that is formally expressed in comfortable volume and flowing forms. Office seating from Klöber encourages a variety of uses for a contemporary way of working. It enhances performance and efficiency in the long-term. It expresses individual style with the reliability of proven quality and cultivates the pleasant feeling of familiarity. company philosophy Excellent in detail Klöber develops for more tha 75 years office chairs of the highest quality. Our seating programmes promote health and enhances the feeling of well-being. Office swivel chairs, visitor chairs, conference chairs and lounge furniture are representative of our innovative ideas and processes. Consistent attention to design and functionality means that each chair is individual thanks to the combination of new technologies and precise craftsmanship. The chair highlights the personality of the user. Klöber offers customised solutions, whether sitting in the office, meeting room, lobby or board room. There are specific applications for office environments from understated design to high image designs are available to our clients. For client-facing areas transparent structures are offered for a modern corporate culture. The expertise in planning and implementing customised solutions is a result of the collaboration with architects and trading partners around the world. Klöber stands for a reliable partnership. Straightforward yet attractive, the harmonious proportions, distinctive forms and compact dimensions add a new dimension to any room. They open up new possibilities for everyday office life. Office chairs by Klöber have character. They show that dynamic sitting is a source of lasting pleasure. All Klöber developments are based on the idea of healthy use. Over the years, the consistent strategy of creating all new developments in house has given rise to a competence centre that ties design closely to development and that creates the right solution for every detail. Klöber design styles comfort. So an office chair becomes a “friend” in everyday life. They create islands to which users can retreat to be themselves and enjoy a feeling of complete security. Islands that foster strength and trust. International design awards and market classics are testimony to the success of Klöber’s product development. All over the world, customers, architects and trading partners have come to value their collaboration with Klöber. At Klöber, design is about responsibility to the user. The team of designers, engineers, assemblers and master craftsmen work on achieving perfection, from the initial idea through to large-scale production. An effort that goes back to the drawing board with each new insight and idea and with every new scrap of experience. Working towards a goal that continues to be redefined. Klöber exemplifies this passion for the product. Its office chairs are honest and authentic.

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Candlelight Lamp Light Oak
Le Klint
Candlelight Lamp
Thay Rug Thay Grey, Large
Thay Rug
Alumina Table Lamp Sapphire Blue
Alumina Table Lamp
Crystal Rug Red - Crystal
Crystal Rug
Ndebele Rug Ndebele Green, 200 x 300cm
Ndebele Rug
Lan Rug Indigo, 180 x 336cm
Lan Rug
Backstitch Busy Rug Busy Brick, Large
Backstitch Busy Rug
Diamond Rug Blue-Green, 300 x 390cm
Diamond Rug
Degrade Rug Petrol-Wine, 300 x 400cm
Degrade Rug
Musico Dining Chair Satin Brass, Divina 3 106
Lee Broom
Musico Dining Chair
Aaram Bar Cabinet Natural Ash
Kam Ce Kam
Aaram Bar Cabinet
PH Septima Pendant Light
Louis Poulsen
PH Septima Pendant Light
5321 Table Lamp
5321 Table Lamp
Semi Pendant Light 90cm, Gubi Metal Matt White
Semi Pendant Light
Type 80 Wall Light Metal Rose Pink, With cable/plug
Type 80 Wall Light
Type 80 Table Lamp Metal Rose Pink
Type 80 Table Lamp
Type 80 Pendant Light Metal Rose Pink
Type 80 Pendant Light
Isabella Chair 001 Stroll, Seat upholstery - 001 Stroll
Isabella Chair
Gogan Sofa CA1 A8580 Spring palette 6 113 clay
Gogan Sofa CA1
Lato LN8 Side Table Warm black & Emparador marble
Lato LN8 Side Table
Normann Copenhagen
Circus Pouf
Gear Side Table
Gear Side Table
Podia Oval Coffee Table Black - Podia
Podia Oval Coffee Table
Bit Stool Plastic Black Multy
Normann Copenhagen
Bit Stool
Bau Pot Metal Warm Grey, Large
Bau Pot
Collect SC72 Planter Polished Silver
Collect SC72 Planter
Nakki 1-Seater Sofa Steelcut Trio 3 996
Nakki 1-Seater Sofa