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Studio KIKKE & HEBBE is a young and fresh company based in the Netherlands. All products are handmade with a lot of passion. The designs can be recognised by smooth shapes and natural materials like wood, porcelain and concrete, in combination with stunning colours.

Handmade with passion

Studio KIKKE & HEBBE was founded in 2014 by industrial designer Paola Vasters. Every product is unique, because they are all made by hand in small series.

Studio based in a castle village

Our studio in based in a very small historical village named Haarzuilens. The village belongs to the largest and most beautiful castle in the Netherlands. This environment inspires us every single day!

Shiny concrete

The shiny finish of the KIKKE & HEBBE concrete lamps is purely natural. The lamps are not coated or polished. How it's made? This remains a little mystery! Only Studio Kikke & Hebbe knows the answer.

All Studio KIKKE & HEBBE products are currently unavailable, but we can let you know as soon as it's possible to place an order.

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