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LICHTKULTUR K.B. FORM Our story begins in the North of Hamburg.

LICHTKULTUR K.B. FORM Our story begins in the North of Hamburg. Here Kai Byok works together with his team to design, develop and produce impressive lamps for residential and public buildings. Fifteen years before this, he studied design and construction in Milan, developing precise, almost Nordic material aesthetics. Since then, his expertise covering all aspects of the technical and structural production process has produced results of timeless elegance and perfect craftsmanship. Products that harmonise with every interior without losing their own character are typical for Kai Byok, the signature of K.B. FORM. Numerous design prizes from the Aluminium Award to the German Design Award are acknowl-edged accolades of his unique design language. But the compliments received by our customers are far more important to Kai Byok. After all, a product must be convincing and inspiring in use – all the time, every day. In accordance with this principle, our lamps never simply follow the trends but are always the result of production-oriented design and finely crafted precision, paired with top quality materials and high-precision workmanship. But the task is only completed in the place our customers call home. Living Light by K.B. FORM.DESIGN K.B. FORM Kai Byok is the man behind the design of the K.B. FORM products, applying all the passion of his trade. His style stands out in the way he combines light and shape. His ideas are inspired by an observation, a picture, a snapshot. He uses these to shape the necessary constructions as the medium for his ideas, resulting in the products of his collection. Every observer will notice this difference, at the latest in everyday situations. Whether Piani, Nastro or classics such as Uovo, it is in actual use that Byok‘s design is truly experienced, making his thoughts come alive. In turn, it is exactly this proximity and presence that rounds off the way he defines design: design for products that we live with every day.

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