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Our aim is to combine functionality and design to create iconic products.

Our aim is to combine functionality and design to create iconic products. We control and oversee the entire process from concept through testing and manufacturing to supplying our customers and retailers. Jake Dyson and his team have joined Dyson to continue advancing the core lighting technology they have developed over the past ten years. Jake will continue developing his lighting technology, while working with Dyson’s 2,000 engineers to drive future portfolios of technology. First with his CSYS™ task lights, and soon with the Cu-Beam™ suspended lights, Jake Dyson has developed core lighting technology to overcome the problems presented by current LEDs. LEDs are semiconductor chips that produce light but also generate large amounts of heat. Over time this damages the chip, the brightness diminishes, and colour fades. Jake set out to overcome these problems. Taking inspiration from the technology used in cooling satellite systems, Jake developed a heat pipe technology for LEDs. The heat created by the LEDs flows away from the chip, meaning the brightness, colour and energy efficiency remains. Jake Dyson said, “We’ve been developing technology to harness the power of LEDs for over ten years, creating lights for the home which are long-lasting and produce a high quality of light. Our cooling technology sits at the core, and means we’re able to use a high-density, high-powered LED light source which our competitors can’t. We’ve already got an ambitious pipeline of technology and I will help drive the broader application of technology at Dyson.”

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