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Irregolare was born in Venice island two years ago, after an idea of two friends Mauro Ferrandi and Nicolò Zavagno. During the Summer 2013, the idea became reality and Irregolare firm is established.

Irregolare works in the fields of lighting and home accessories. The firm researches tirelessly into the relationship between useful and accessible design.

The 30 years experience in the lighting field of Mauro Ferrandi and the creativity of two designers Enrico Zanolla and Nicolò Zavagno has driven Irregolare to present its first collection based on interiors lights.

The collection is characterized by a wide variety of different materials, from blown glass to plate glass, through natural materials such as solid wood, assembled with modern technology and great attention to energy saving.

The range of lights is suitable for hotels, retail, restaurants or private spaces. On demand Irregolare has the ability to design, prototyping and realizing custom made light appliances, offering consultancy on illuminating engineering.

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