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Intertime – We strive for “pure sitting” As a Swiss company run by the second generation of the same family, Intertime, based in Endingen, Canton Aargau, produces ergonomically perfect seating furniture with a wide variety of functions and variations.

Intertime – We strive for “pure sitting” As a Swiss company run by the second generation of the same family, Intertime, based in Endingen, Canton Aargau, produces ergonomically perfect seating furniture with a wide variety of functions and variations. In its quest for “perfect seating comfort”, Intertime combines design, seating quality and variation in each piece of furniture. Working together with well-known designers, the company produces durable furniture featuring timeless aesthetics and superior seating quality. Intertime stands for the perfect symbiosis of design, seating quality and variability. For more than 45 years the Swiss furniture maker has been following this philosophy in developing and manufacturing high-end seating characterized by timeless design, end-to-end ergonomics and specific options for adaptation to your personal needs. The cornerstone for the Intertime success story was laid in 1965 by Hans Weibel: he began to produce upholstered furniture – first in Zurich, later in Endingen in the canton of Aargau – that combined comfort, individuality and beautiful design. Today, Intertime is headed by Johannes and Lukas Weibel as a family-owned company in the second generation, and employs around 70 people.Design focus: Clear lines, inner values The Weibel brothers remain committed to the company’s ambition of offering perfect seating quality and variability. However, with the generational change the company’s design focus was tightened: the core of the design process is the search for the perfect form – the unity of simple, classic lines with an intelligent “inner life” and perfect craftsmanship. Design takes place under the watchful eyes of renowned designers such as Christophe Marchand, Hanspeter Wirth, fries&zumbühl, This Weber, Reto Frigg, Martin Birrer, Benny Mosimann, Werner Baumhakl and the Intertime design team. Intertime has won numerous design awards over the last few years for its clear, modern design philosophy. The most recent examples include the Jive armchair (red dot design award 2011), the Lax sofa (red dot design award 2011, iF Product Design Award 2011, nomination for the German Design Award 2012) and the high-back chair called Link (red dot design award 2012).Perfectly integrated seating quality For Intertime, design is the visual manifestation of product quality – and you will always find that on the inside of every piece of our seating as well as on the outside. This is why we rely – right from the beginning – on the latest research in ergonomics and the exclusive use of the best, most durable materials when designing new products. Alongside additional functions and adaptation options, the construction and assembly of the upholstery have a significant influence on seating quality. The seats of Intertime furnishings consist of a combination of different qualities of foam. The spring suspension is made up of special wave springs of steel whose support characteristics are highly stable even after years of use. Top-quality cold foams with high volume weights are used for padding. The result: noticeably better seating quality.Intelligent functions Seating from Intertime offers a variety of intelligent – if invisible – functions that enable ergonomically optimal positions when sitting and lying. However, our seating can be adapted even further to meet individual needs – including adjustments in height or depth as well as options for special equipment. Special orders are also available upon request.High quality for a long useful life<7b> Intertime uses only high-quality materials with a long useful life and maximizes their value with perfect workmanship. Intertime furnishings maintain their looks and functionality for years. Because we’re so confident of this, Intertime offers a 5-year guarantee on the construction, upholstery material, functional fittings and workmanship of every piece. What is more, the Intertime “quality certificate” ensures that only CFC-free foams, leather that is free of harmful substances and woods from European sources are used in manufacturing. Should your Intertime seating ever need repair or reupholstering, we offer professional service and all types of repairs.The perfect combination of design, seating quality and variability Design, seating quality, variability – at Intertime, every aspect of our furniture is oriented toward beauty and comfort when sitting. This is what makes Intertime unique and motivates us: we strive to create perfect seating. Intertime – pure sitting.

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