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We are a design company working in New York City's East Village and Osaka Japan.

We are a design company working in New York City's East Village and Osaka Japan. The principal designer is Etsumi Imamura. The furniture series combines elements from American industrial steel furniture design and European mid-century design praxis. Each piece is made as a stand alone object with much of the work in the bending and finishing of the edges and legs being done by hand. Both the sofas and tables in the series have an identical L shape and can be made to order with elements symmetrically reversed. This configuration variability makes it possible to easily create larger extended ensembles. Tables with the addition of cushions can serve as benches. Both the Toffoli Double and the Toffoli Single Sofa use a back rest that is installed and removed via a simple drop in / lift out process using a slot in the bench. Conversion back and forth between bench and sofa is extremely simple and straight forward. The structure and base are powder coated steel. The lamps, on the other hand, reference the long Japanese tradition of urushi lacquerware rounded corner boxes. They are made by hand, with each shade consisting of up to 50 separate pieces. The lamps are both mirror polished stainless steel and painted stainless steel. They are made to accommodate screw in type LED bulbs. Fabrication is in Osaka Japan to very high standards by Miyakekogei who do the build outs for the Comme des Garçons and Prada stores. All pieces are stamped and numbered for authenticity.

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