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Illulian & C. is one of the leading  Antique and Luxurious Hand-Made Rugs companies.

Illulian & C. is one of the leading  Antique and Luxurious Hand-Made Rugs companies. Every rug we offer is a unique creation.  We believe that this is a key part of their charm and their appeal. All are made by hand in Himalayan wool and pure silk; nothing that we do is mass produced or standard. All our rugs are hand knotted in the traditional way, using carefully selected hand spun wool, silk and vegetable dyes. This method produces the most beautiful rugs in the world, giving a pleasing variation in ground colour and creating a brilliant collection.    These extremely high quality products can also be custom ordered. The Custom Made service by ILLULIAN was created out of the desire to satisfy all types of requests and custom adaptations, even from the most demanding customers. This service handles studies of colors, designs, sizes, shapes and simulations to create exclusive and unique rugs.   Illulian now is known to be the producer of most exclusive Home Interior Design Studios, Contract Hotel divisions and Fashion Companies. We carry three different lines:  Platinum 120 is the most exclusive line. It stands out for the incredibly high quality wool and pure silk used and for the extremely complex handiwork – there are 180,000 knots per square meter – which appears to create spectacular “sculpting” effects.   Gold 100  is a line of rugs in wool and silk that is also very elegant, with a density of 86,000 knots per square meter.    Silver 60  Same quality as Gold 80 but a new quality of tufted rugs with hand made insertions.  

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Blend Bar Stool
Type 80 Table Lamp
Type 80 Pendant Light
Rime Pendant Light
Desert Cushion
Lato LN8 Side Table
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Bit Stool
Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp
New Works
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