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At Holzmedia, fine furniture meets multimedia technology.

At Holzmedia, fine furniture meets multimedia technology. Two elements, whose synthesis leads to complete new solutions. Holzmedia comes from a long tradition of carpentry and is part of the Holz Group, which has been engaged in manufacturing high-class office furniture since 1907. Manuel Holz, CEO of Holzmedia, founded his company in the year 2000. Since then Holzmedia has been producing customer specific solutions that are perfectly adapted to their task and environment. Next to standardized multi-media furniture will be planned individual conferencing solutions, realized and be mounted on site – everything out of one hand. Holzmedia not only offers top-of-the-line multimedia furniture, but also assists in the planning, design and installation of complete meeting and conference spaces. Wherever the solution to individual customer needs cannot be found in our catalogue. Where there is a unique space or a special wish from a customer. Whenever a customer does not want a piece of furniture to fit an existing situation, but rather a new working space. A space for thinking. For holding creative meetings. We measure and customize with all our craftsmanship tradition. We plan together with the architect, the technicians, the facility manager - and, of course, with the customer. We conceive of, develop and put into place materials and technology, form and function. And produce customer specific solutions that are perfectly adapted to their task and environment. The results are spaces that are as unique as the people working in them. As well-thought-out as the processes taking place inside of them. And as astonishing as the new ideas being created in them.

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