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Haidée Drew is a London based design Studio working between the realms of Art and Design

Sitting between the realms of Art and Design Haidée Drew designs and makes objects for the home that encourage a playful participation. Inspired by architectural forms, space and composition she subtly addresses function through graphic and sculptural aesthetics.

Recently launched Layer and Geo mirrors are inspired by modernist and Brutalist Architecture. They challenge expectations through their limitless display variations inviting your input. The mirrors can be adapted to suit your environment through rotation, stacking and layering. With playful geometry, and pops of bright colour the contemporary collection is available in Amber, Teal or Metallic colourways. 

Manufacture and material.

Haidée Drew works with select UK manufacturers with most mirrors being hand finished in her East London Studio. The contemporary mirrors are made from tinted acrylic mirror in gold and silver, grey and silver or bronze and silver. They have a clean cut edge with no bevel which lends themselves to this ultra modern look. We use acrylic because it is lightweight, can be cut into complex shapes and doesn’t need a frame, It is also virtually unbreakable!

Please inquire about custom mirrors in Glass, Metal and Acrylic. www.haideedrew.com

All Haidée Drew products are currently unavailable, but we can let you know as soon as it's possible to place an order.

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