greybax® - felt bags and felt products for people who value design quality in everyday life.

greybax® - felt bags and felt products for people who value design quality in everyday life. greybax are bags and boxes made from a specially produced, technical felt in purist design. As little as possible, as much as required - that is the basic design principle of the products and range which currently comprises only a few, flexibly useable, felt carrying and storage containers and accessories. greybax are only available in the mottled grey colour which is typical for felt. There's a lot to carry. And there's a lot to store. greybax does both of these things in a way that is both simple and elegant. Because they are different sizes and styles, individual greybax products can be used in very different ways: for example as briefcases, shopping bags or sports bags, as utensil, filing and storage boxes, as firewood boxes, bags for carrying dogs as well as magazine and newspaper files. On the way home, at the office, on business trips, shopping, playing sport, on holiday and in your leisure time, greybax are useful companions who captivate thanks to their aesthetic quality. The car boot box "Pick up" is a felt version of the plastic folding box which is present in almost every household and car boot - an artistic and sophisticated alternative for people who value design quality in everyday life. Cool, trendy, robust, environmentally friendly: Made in Germany. greybax are made from a robust special felt approx. 5 mm thick, which stands out due to its durability, is highly resilient, extremely wear resistant, not sensitive to dirt and is water repellent. greybax are manufactured with 50% recycled material, are environmentally friendly and comply with a sustainable product and manufacturing philosophy in Germany. High Tech with High Touch: The felt used for greybax products has been used as a comfortable base for high quality textile floor covering systems for decades amongst other things due to its particular qualities, high distension stability and rigidity. Now the excellent quality felt is being used in a new way - as bags and storage containers - and once again High Tech has become High Touch.

All greybax products are currently unavailable, but we can let you know as soon as it's possible to place an order.

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