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THE COMPANY, A FAMILY HISTORY The history of Golran is first and foremost the story of a family from Mashad, a Persian city, that now stands near the border between Iran and Russia.

THE COMPANY, A FAMILY HISTORY The history of Golran is first and foremost the story of a family from Mashad, a Persian city, that now stands near the border between Iran and Russia. This is where the adventure began for Hajizadeh Golran when, in 1898, he formed the company that, today, specializes in premium quality antique and contemporary oriental carpets. It is a story of true passion for the art of Persian carpets, which has endured across the eras and distant countries. A family united by shared goals and values has ensured the survival of this tradition to the present day, underpinned and guided by these same principles. The teachings of the great master knitters of the past have become a precious cultural heritage of traditional handcrafting that remains the foundation of Golran collections, despite technological developments and a shift toward design. From the ancient bazaars to the most modern European markets, from Mashhad to Milan (where the company moved to in 1968) and across three generations, today Golran’s descendants still run the company with the same skill, reliability and passion.GOLRAN TODAY Today Eliahu, Elia, Nathan and Benjamin – the fourth Golran generation – have taken the company in a contemporary direction, resulting in several collections that are internationally recognized for the quality of their workmanship derived from age-old expertise, and for the elegance and profound research of the contemporary collections. It is not by chance that Golran carpets are frequently presented alongside the most famous designer brands, including Moroso, as well as Poliform, Flexform, and more. The company today is guided by the artistic direction of Francesca Avossa studio also consultant for other important companies such as Ligne Roset, who has unified the vision for the brand and its collections.FRANCESCA AVOSSA STUDIO Set up in the year 2000 and directed by Francesca Avossa, the studio is located in Paris. For 15 years the Francesca Avossa studio has assisted luxury/top-of-the-range brands in the areas of design, homeware and fashion. Its mission is artistic direction of the brand, covering all themes linked to global image, on a coherent and transversal basis. The Francesca Avossa studio assists its clients in defining their identity, ensuring power and resonance in the long term and in all media for communicating the image: retail outlets, advertising and collections. Clients: Ligne Roset, Cinna, Golran, Première Vision, Ambiance Bain, Galeries Lafayette, Sentou.FRANCESCA AVOSSA biography An Italian living in Paris, Francesca Avossa started out in the Eighties in the advertising world, in particular for the brands RATP, BNP, L’ORÉAL and EVIAN. She later worked in the area of luxury brands at the Braq Gauvin design agency, where she designed commercial architectures, stage sets for events and productions for Pomellato, Pommery, Cointreau and Mantero. From 1995 to 2000 she oversaw the visual identity of Galeries Lafayette for the shop windows of the fashion and homeware departments of the Paris flagship store and a further 70 retail outlets of the brand. On the strength of a career which stretches across various areas of communication and creativity and thanks to far-ranging experience in working for brands, in the year 2000 she set up the Francesca Avossa studio.THE NUMBERS The company produces Golran its carpets in three different parts of the world: Nepal, China and Tibet. In each of these countries, the company produces through its own factories which are co-owned by local producers. This type of relationship allows Eliahu, Elia, Nathan and Benjamin to oversee the quality of the raw materials and to maintain a climate of ethical collaboration with local artisans who make 100% of the pieces by hand. Professionals and tastemakers in the fields of architecture, design, and interior decoration are the primary target of the brand. Golran carpets are sold and distributed internationally through a network of distribution agents in Europe, USA, India, Russia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and in all the Gulf countries. In 2013, an exclusive distribution deal with Moroso was launched in London for all the activity on British soil and at the Rosebery Avenue showroom. Golran is present at international trade fairs such as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Equip’Hotel, Paris Maison & Objet, Downtown Design Dubai and the ICFF NY where, in 2012, it was the winner of the “ICFF Editors Awards” in the category “Carpet and Flooring” In the last few years, a number of events brought the brand into collaborations to work alongside related fields including fashion, culture, and art, each thanks to, respectively, PITTI, the Festival of the magazine Studio at the Triennale, and the furnishing of miart. In 2013 and in 2014, Golran carpets have been presented in some recent exhibitions at the Triennale in Milan and at the Villa Noailles, during Design Parade.CONTRACT Age-old expertise and high quality products have also made Golran the ideal partner for production for other brands from diverse industries: restaurants, hotels, fashion houses, offices, and shops. Over the years, the company has established enduring production relationships as a supplier for brands such as: Hotels: Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem designed by Piero Lissoni, Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, Grand Hotel Billia in Saint-Vincent, Casino de La Valee in Saint-Vincent, W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island by Patricia Urquiola, Venice Palazzina Grassi by Philippe Stark, Westin Palace in Lima, Grand Hotel et de Milan in Milan. Restaurants: Dsquared Dimore Restaurant in Milan, D & D Ahmed Khalil in London, Noura Printemps in Paris. Fashion: Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, MaxMara, Marina Rinaldi, Diesel, Mauro Grifoni, Jacob Cohen, Tods. Offices: Studio PS • design consultants Milan, Technogym SPA, Fossil Group Europe.CUSTOM MADE The custom made service is aimed at architects, interior designers, and design firms that operate within both the sphere of private homes and that of contracted work. The carpets are custom created with exact specifications for yarn type, shape, size, and color. The materials used are the most luxurious: silk, cotton, wool, angora, hemp, mohair, linen, and cashmere. The choice of colors is almost endless with a palette of over 1,000 different shades and hues. Extremely versatile options allow the possibility to adapt, in shape and size, to any environment and space.COLLECTIONS FOR THIRD PARTIES Golran produces carpets for third parties, designing and manufacturing products for the most well-known brands of design and décor. Fully equipped to respond to any request, the focus for projects is on the quality and excellence of workmanship, with competitive pricing and a particular flexibility in respect to quantities.

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