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BIOCOMPATIBLE, FOR LIFE The bet of Fiemme 3000 goes back to 1993, when we tried to join the world of the construction industry introducing our different point of view.

BIOCOMPATIBLE, FOR LIFE The bet of Fiemme 3000 goes back to 1993, when we tried to join the world of the construction industry introducing our different point of view. We aimed to remark the value, not the price, by focusing on quality rather than on quantity. By looking after people’s wellness and not our “weal-thy”. What really has value for us, in pursuing the goal of improving the quality of living, are the healthiness, the duration and, not least, the beauty: these are the three elements which together contain all the core values of Fiemme 3000. Passion is fundamental to maintain the healthiness of wood that, directly from the forests, arrives at the homes of people that choose to live in a healthy way. Fiemme 3000 guarantees this passage thanks to the total lack of varnishes and chemical glues: our treatments are all biocompatible, that means “harmless” for each organism. This is the binding rule that Fiemme 3000 has been following strictly since the beginning of its history, because a healthy home is always a better house.  Wood is the real and big innovation of Fiemme 3000. Fiemme 3000 boards warrant an incredible dimensional stability, an increased flexibility and a great resistance to twisting and warping, thanks to their exclusive 3-crossed-layer structure. Fiemme 3000 protects the beauty of its wood with Bio Plus, an exclusive treatment developed after years of work in our Research & Development department. This product is composed only of biocompatible ingredients, featuring more than 50 vegetable and mineral substances mixed together that nourish the wood without clogging its pores and restore the self-protective capacity lost during the production process. A special hard oil guarantees an outstanding durability against abrasion, while a series of waxes and oils provides the floor with the proper level of shine and protects it from water, wear and tear. For this reason, Fiemme 3000 floors are perfect also for “difficult” locations, where floors are normally subject to more wear, tear or moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, showrooms and offices. They are also ideal to be installed on underfloor heating systems. What distinguishes Fiemme 3000 is the high level of personalization. In fact, for the 100 products offered, the costumer can select the choice and the working on surface, in addition to thickness, width and length. This is possible thanks to the just in time production. Indeed, Fiemme 3000 has only raw planks in stock and everything is produced on order, even the samples. We also supply baseboards, stairs profiles and thresholds made of solid wood. Their essence and finishing treatments are the same of the ones used for the floor supplied, in order to provide the client with a unique and homogeneous product. Moreover, Fiemme 3000 supplies stair covers and many different furnishing: from tables to stairs, from benches to countertop wash basins, from the ceiling to walls (even curved), from door covers to shelves and so on. In this way, the tones of the cover match perfectly with the colours of the boards. The treatment of furniture and floor can be the same. In conclusion, wellness means being surrounded by beautiful things, as well. The 100 essences of Fiemme 3000 can satisfy every aesthetic request of our clients. Once it is laid, a Fiemme floor becomes an objet d’art that lives underneath our feet. Over the years, its beauty gets even more remarked as the floor is more mature and can tell a longer story about places, hands and people.

All Fiemme 3000 products are currently unavailable, but we can let you know as soon as it's possible to place an order.

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