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Barbeque on art. Feuerring – The Original.

Barbeque on art. Feuerring – The Original. Sculpture, design object, bbq, modern fireplace Feuerring combines sculptural quality, perfect materiality, reduced to the essence with an additional value in usability as a modern fireplace. The versatility of the Feuerring allows you to gently simmer, steam or grill every kind of meat, fish or cheese. Whilst sitting around the open fire you can fry eggs or cook tasty traditional Swiss dishes such as Rösti (hash browns) or Raclette (a cheese speciality). The result is pure refinded taste. There are no limits for your culinary creativity. Everything is possible. The Feuerring is constructed from specific alloy steel. The ring is welded to the bowl in such a way as to allow any cooking fats to run off towards the fire. The surface of the bowl has been allowed to evenly rust and contrasts attractively with the dark shade of the ring. Feuerring is the first one of its kind and is designed and manufactured in Switzerland. With a Feuerring you have The Original, a swiss made product in your garden. The lowlying Feuerring is available in three different diameters. Feuerring Luna in three different heights. Through the second interior floor the fire is burning in an optimal and visible height. Feuerring Ovum and Gastro (also Luna 60) are ideal for the food service area and allow standing grill. Luneli and Tulip are both a piece of juwellery in your garden or on the terrace. Designer Andreas Reichlin Aesthetic reduced to the essence «The journey to a perfect shape, allied with a passion for the strength of steel with its intrinsic weightlessness and all pervading serenity, never ceases to fascinate me.» (Andreas Reichlin, 2011) Reichlin began his artistic career as a wood sculptor and explored all kinds of materials in his work. A study of shape and form led him to steel, which he learnt how to control and manipulate into forms that reflect his search for perfection. A health issue became the basis for finding new solutions. Unable to eat barbecued food, Reichlin looked at it as a challenge: he would find another way to embrace his love of fire. His efforts resulted in a visionary barbecue, a design that is a delight to the eye and appetite alike: an elegant stainless steel bowl with a jet-black finish that appears as though it has emerged fully formed from a single ring-shaped mould.

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