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Estiluz and the green planet. Over forty years have gone by.

Estiluz and the green planet. Over forty years have gone by. Forty years of hard work, effort, enthusiasm and satisfaction. Offering lighting fixtures and lamps for a lifetime and spreading our passion for design to the world. Now, we are also driven by a new dream: have a contribution to the care of our planet. Estiluz thinks and acts green. Ecological thinking influences our entire product cycle. From materials and packaging selection to light sources. Product development that contributes to energy saving and the use of ecological processes and materials are part of our philosophy and business strategy. Estiluz, quality and design “Made in Europe”. Estiluz is a company committed to local employment. Our products are manufactured in our facilities in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Spain). Our models are created by young designers with the help of our engineering team as well as our in-house design studio. As time goes by, design aesthetics change, good values remain. The quality of our products and finishes, both backed by more than four decades of work, are our hallmark. They are recognized and highly regarded by our customers worldwide. Our pieces are timeless and made for a lifetime. A sustainable future requires the creation of long-lasting products. Estiluz, a company with more than 40 years of experience in lighting manufacturing combined with green awareness.

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