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Ergonomic contract furniture Established back in 2000, the company group has justly earned the title of the leader of the market.

Ergonomic contract furniture Established back in 2000, the company group has justly earned the title of the leader of the market. “Ergolain” group currently consists of the seven companies, namely UAB “Ergolain”, UAB “Ergolain baldai”, UAB “Specus Šiauliai”, UAB “Ergolain projektai”, SIA “Ergolain design”, ООО “ERGOLAIN CONTRACT”, and “Majoni Möbler” (“Ergolain” in Sweden), which all specialize in the production of ergonomic tailor-made furniture, management and implementation of complex projects. To achieve the most favourable results, we collaborate with the top companies engaged in architecture, offer interior design solutions, and represent the world-known furniture manufacturers. “Ergolain” is not only successfully operating in Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom, but has implemented hundreds of projects in the United States, Finland, Germany, and other European Union markets. “Ergolain” clients include large Lithuanian and foreign companies, banks, hotels, restaurants, famous brand stores, museums, libraries, medical and educational institutions. Different needs of the clients are the driving force of our employees’ creativity. Standard office furniture systems of “Ergolain” have already won a range of awards. Due to the modern production bases that comply with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and BS OHSAS 18001:2007, BS EN ISO 14001:2005, the certified project managers, and design teams we guarantee the highest quality of the standard and custom furniture, upholstered and natural wood veneer furniture. The production, which is based on the latest technologies, modern equipment and reliable partners, enables “Ergolain” to offer unique pieces of furniture and make each project exceptional.NAME OF ERGOLAIN One of the first challenges of the company after incorporation in 2000 was the development and registration of the name Ergolain. We were subject to many restrictions including those of the Lithuanian Language Inspectorate that required registration of a name based on our native tongue. Likewise, our new business initiative that had a clear vision and goals faced a complex and indifferent attitude to business creation by the national government. These obstacles were overcome. From the very beginning, the goal of the company was not to adapt to existing fashion, beauty, design, and ergonomic trends, but to channel our efforts into leading design trends by promoting occupational health and trends in the furnishing of public spaces. As an innovative company often seen as a role model, the spotlight on us has been both challenging and inspiring. These challenges presented to us during the first decade of the 21st century contributed to the genesis of the name Ergolain. Our work is focused on translating ergonomics into reality without the complication of distracting and temporary forces. The markets we work in have recognized us and our work: today Ergolain is synonymous with ergonomics and new trends in the furnishing of public spaces. Today we create the future: 90 percent of the companies engaged in design of public spaces have not heard of Workplace 2.0, yet we are still creating the future by already implementing next generation platforms such as Workplace 4.0. Ergolain is an individual, a community, an organisation – a combination of these three dimensions for the good of the future.ERGOLAIN VALUES Family is the corner stone of Ergolain’s value system. Like many other organisations that have tried to define their own purpose for being, we were also once swamped in an effort to define a vision and mission for Ergolain. Unexpectedly an idea by the authors of Funky Business made a profound impact on us: if nobody cried from joy when asked to join our mission, the mission would be worthless. It is only a positive and spontaneous expression or feeling that will overcome temporary fads and needs of uncontrollable vanity. This realization encouraged us to discover again who we are as an organisation, to define which values are important to us and what makes people work in our firm. In understanding what makes us enjoy our work, be creative, and at the same time support one another in the workplace and at home, cemented a foundation of strength and cooperation. Organisation is family. Only when we are a part of it can we develop long-term relationships with colleagues and clients. Only when an organisation has a strong moral foundation, can it accomplish deeds that others dare not dream about. Only an organisation cast in this mould can develop long-term strategies and adapt to ever-transforming environments in this new world where innovative designs can be created and flourish. Today, our work not only centers around expressing beauty, but also being true to the very model of the world in which our organisation is able to fully exploit its creative and business potentials. Only until we had successfully established a strong organizational foundation, could we continue to develop and implant values that are important to our work such as responding to client expectations and anticipating their future needs. These needs are based on principles around ergonomics, preservation of nature, and quality. In parallel, they confirm Ergolain’s mantras of moving forward, creating solutions to meet the needs of today, and contributing to the establishment and implementation of open space design. This is the world that we call Workplace 4.0. In this world a person and an organisation belong to a greater community. Their inter-relationship and integration in our daily lives are impossible without preserving nature as well as maintaining a healthy personal lifestyle and work environment with others. Welcome to the world of Ergolain Values 4.0.SUCCESS STORY ERGOLAIN How Ergolain responded to the tender for furnishing Swedbank’s customer centre in Vilnius is a great example of how the company imagines design opportunities and helps clients by developing customised solutions. In the process Ergolain spawned a new product line with creative new designs that expanded its product portfolio and helped the firm grow. It all started as usual. The people behind Swedbank centre set out to find a supplier of complete furnishing solutions through an ordinary public tender. To select the most cost-effective provider to fulfil the needs of a conventional office space, the architects asked them to present samples and pricing lists. With a host of new ideas, Ergolain approached the backers and architects of the centre and suggested another strategy: Why not adopt absolutely novel and customised furnishing solutions with a designer proposed by Ergolain? This strategy resulted in wins for both client and Ergolain. After approval of this approach, a new furniture line “Iton” was created and manufactured by Ergolain. Suiting the building and hallmarks of the bank, the new line reflected innovation, drive and stability. Thus, the people behind the tender picked not standard solutions provided by other suppliers, but an absolutely modern approach towards working with the client, solving the client’s problems while considering aesthetics as well as ergonomics. To see results of this project first-hand, visit the Swedbank headquarters located on Konstitucijos Avenue,Vilnius or visit our website at

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Fly SC1 Lounge Chair White Oiled Oak, Remix 2 113
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