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Our collection blends aesthetic and technical innovation together with familiarity.

Our collection blends aesthetic and technical innovation together with familiarity. We believe that in the language of furniture design familiarity is an indispensable ingredient necessary to address today’s domestic landscape and to reach a wider audience without compromizing the aesthetic and cultural content of our products. The execution of Epònimo’s pieces is always technically modern but the aesthetic inspirations span through time: most are original concepts developed with a strong modern identity , others evolve from promising archetypes and models from the past. Our mission is to find an ideal and intelligent language of elegance and beauty between the minimal and the opulent. Epònimo tries to embody the best quality of Italian manufacturing and thinks of its production more in terms of craft than industry. All the pieces of the collection are made in Italy within a few miles from the city of Milano. In our process we combine valuable natural materials with industrial ones and although our products are largely hand-made and always hand-finished we always try to inject innovative techniques in the making of each piece. Because of our production process we can modify most of our products as a standard procedure without affecting the end price. This is one of our best assets as it allows us to satisfy the ever-increasing requests for customization and tailor-made products that come from architects and interior designers.

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