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Еngelbrechts A/S is a furniture manufacturer established in 1989.

We are working in close collaboration with designers and other specialists to develop modern and timeless furniture for the perceptive and quality-conscious user.

Engelbrechts was founded by Morten Engelbrecht, and at the very beginning he sold a variety of high end products from around the world. After a successful start, Engelbrecht expanded the business concept to include furniture developed by Engelbrechts A/S. This inspired him to convert Engelbrechts A/S from a Danish furniture retailer to an international furniture manufacturer selling furniture through an exclusive dealer network.

Encouraged to develop more products for the company, Morten began his next close collaboration, first with the designer Erik Magnussen and subsequently.

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Poise Shelving System, 6x6
Poise Shelving System, 6x6