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Inspirational design and quality craftsmanship

We create unique designer furniture and beautiful home accessories that represents our beliefs, promotes good design and celebrates the best qualities of natural materials. Each product is hand-made and individually finished with the care and attention to detail.

Our Story

Emodi launched in 2014, the brainchild of founder and designer Egle, producing high quality designer furniture made with love and care. A husband and wife team; Egle and Ignas are the perfect combination of a creative mind and skilled craftsman, both joining forces to create environmentally friendly and exquisite pieces of furniture and accessories  for your home.

An intense attention to detail and quality of materials gives Emodi’s range an understated touch of luxury that makes it stand out among a sea of other designers-makers.

Reclaimed wood

Our newest furniture collection is handmade from reclaimed.  This is because we believe that there a variety of beautiful and still useful materials around that other people have chosen to discard.We collect pallets, old floorboards, ceiling joists, scavenged from house renovations and use these discarded pieces to create our furniture pieces.

Designed to show off the natural beauty of the wood, with simple, clean lines that do not detract away from the unique qualities of the wood itself. Every item is made by hand and therefore each one is unique and made with pride and passion.

Our Values

Here at Emodi we are incredibly environmentally aware and want to ensure that we produce furniture that reflect this. It seems that in modern times we have become a throwaway culture; many people opt to buy low quality, mass produced items that can be discarded with ease. It is our goal to change this mindset. We create beautiful, high quality solid wood furniture only from sustainable or reclaimed wood that are designed to stay with you for a lifetime and only improve as they age. Our furniture is all crafted by hand and is filled with the pride and passion that we call our own.

Inspirational design and quality craftsmanship


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