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Company Philosophy and History Light is more than just light.

Company Philosophy and History Light is more than just light. Proper lighting enhances the beauty, shapes, spaces and surroundings and adds depth to the way we experience them. Light infuses us with life and happiness. For three generations we have been working to design and develop light for homes and workplaces, but most of all for people. We are proud to present Darø’s collection of design lamps and introduce brand new designs that beautifully complement our traditional and iconic designs. Our vision has always been to design lamps that create value and arouse enthusiasm. The design is determined by the light and the light is determined by its function. The combination of innovative solutions, elegant finishes, colours and functions yields a product of enduring value. We want more than just a lamp. We want to show you the light. We are more than a design brand. Welcome into our bright universe! Thomas Darø CEO & Designer

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