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DAM is a Portuguese brand specialized in designing high-quality furniture and home accessories that tell stories, appealing to a sustainable and green lifestyle. Founded in 2013, DAM combines design, craftsmanship, and industry. The brand honors its roots and origins. It praises the Portuguese culture which, together with nature, is the main inspiration source. Designed with expertise and handcrafted with love in Portugal, every product is handcrafted with love in Portugal, born from a perfect combination of traditional techniques and natural materials. “Life is too short to waste time on boring or disposable products. We want people to love the spaces where they go and where they live. The motivation is to see people smiling with DAM.” - DAM team

From Portugal to the World

DAM is a Portuguese brand founded in 2013 that talks about design, craftsmanship, and industry. DAM is about high-quality Design Furniture and Accessories that tell stories. Designed with expertise and handcrafted with love in Portugal, the products combine traditional techniques and natural materials. They appeal to emotions, simplicity, and quality of life. Portuguese culture and nature are our inspirations. Our strong vision is to create a world of more genuine and sustainable products. While renewing a collective heritage, our goal is to build the bridge between the Culture and the Economy.

The Founders & Resident Designers

Created by Joana Santos and Hugo Silva, the DAM brand was born from their sense of entrepreneurship and their desire to develop a project on its own. Created in 2013, the Designers set out to develop different products based on the existing furniture offered in Portugal and in the world. Today, both Designers participate in the creative development of furniture and accessories, where their creative skills are at the center of the brand’s development.

Hugo Silva and Joana Santos are both graduates and masters in Design from the University of Aveiro, in Portugal. In their path, both designers have developed professional activity in different Design fields, including equipment, graphic, and web interface design.


Sustainability is the starting point for every new product we develop and the goal is to design beautiful products that are built to last for many years. But sustainability is also an integral part of all the following processes. So, our commitment to sustainability is founded on 5 main values: built to last, honest materials, cultural heritage, smile price, made to order. The mission is to build a new planet together with the Interior Designers.

Made in Portugal with care

In Portugal, there is an abundance of skills and know-how. There is also a collective heritage that stays genuine. This is why we have passion for our country and a conviction: our location is special and our people make the difference. So, our challenge is to value what is done by hand, locally, and by integrating new technologies and attitudes.

We work with socially responsible manufacturers that operate according to the highest ethical standards. We work closely with people with different experiences that contribute to a shared goal that everyone is proud to believe in – to valorize what is done locally.

Our production monitoring involves care and precision. We know there is no machine that can truly replace the hand or the eye, so we ensure the commitment to quality materials, technology, and craftsmanship to produce beautiful and well-made furniture. We also push the boundaries of possibility, because we want to make pieces with a strong personality that can withstand everyday use.

Where we are

We are just 20 km from the Maritime Coast, 30 km from the mountains, 40 km from the airport. Besides this, 30 km from us is one of the first wine-producing regions of the world – the Douro Valley, a landscape and heritage that gives us energy and creativity, making us feel good. This is why our products have their own story, reflecting what surrounds us.

Some of our clients

One Workplace, Western Office, KBM Workspace (USA), City Design Development (Bulgaria), MJFlood (Ireland), Craveiral Farmhouse (Portugal), Hugo da Silva Design Studio (UK), Moore Design (France).

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