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Creates ecological lighting from paper waste with traditional technique of papier mâché.

The name of our brand derives from creativity “CREA” and from recycling “RE”.
We are a couple of designers based in Barcelona: Maria Fiter (Polish) that projects ecofriendly lighting and furniture and Marco Migliorisi (Italy) which designs eco-cases for musical instruments. Each project is unique – we concentrate on making small series of items in limited quantity.

Maria creates eco-friendly lighting made mostly with paper mache and wood. To create paper pulp lamps she uses only old newspapers – in this way the lamps are 100% recycled. In her wooden products she uses only water-based varnish and beeswax finish. Each paper pulp lamp is different – it is not possible to make two exactly the same lamps. Each of lamps has got its own story – their stories talk about her inspirations to create them. In the series of lamps called “Copernicus” the inspiration for all of the lamps comes from the planets of the Solar System like: Luna, Jupiter, Pluto, Globe. Also art is a great source of inspiration for her – the structure of lamps – gray, porous, irregular, dry and cracked was inspired by the paintings of Polish artist group called Grupa Nowohucka.

We believe that properly designed interiors have a positive impact on our mood and state of mind— Crea-Re Studio

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