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"We love objects which own deep roots, excellent quality, and a strong evocative power”. Colé is a young Italian design brand, with a high-end production 100% made in Italy. Our mission is to create design icons, suitable for furnishing the homes of sophisticated and international clients. Our expressive research is inspired by the Scandinavian design, the Bauhaus, the Italian architects of the '50s as well as ethnic handcraft, houses of famous writers of the XX century, suspended between present, past and future; the artists who wrote the code of modernity, as Mondrian, Sonia Delaunay, Moholy Nagy, Brancusi and the graphic genius of Escher. We love trips to far lands, starting from Argentina, Laura's birthplace, where our dream started. From there comes the name Colé, tied to a common memory: an element of color which makes us smile just thinking about it.

Colé is a young Italian design brand, born from the experience of Matteo De Ponti, architect, who grew up in a historic Milanese design family, and the artistic sensibility of Laura Macagno, degree in Economics and passionate of art and design. 

Our mission: create design icons, trough a new way of making design, based on handcraft and industrial quality, sophisticated expressive research and collaboration among all subjects taking part in the productive chain. Our production is 100% made in Italy, in order to guaranty top quality and custom products.

We love design and we would like to create with our customers a sort of empathy, as we normally do with our suppliers. Our best day is when a client quote like this:

"Furniture are amazing and they fit perfectly in our home-sea-view. Thanks again. It was a pleasure to meet Colé' (translated from Italian)— Silvia - Italy. dec. 2018

At this stage our focus is on the dining and living room. Mainly chairs, tables, armchairs, small containers, folding screens, and some accessory. Our products are suitable for the house,  and contract of restaurants and Hotels and for the home office. 

 The collection, designed in collaboration with designers Lorenz & Kaz and Aksu & Suardi, Emmanuel Gallina, Hagit Pincovici, Lorenza Bozzoli, Martinelli & Venezia, Bellavista & Piccini, Miki Astori, Bracchetti & Saibene, Julia Dozsa, is the result of rethinking traditional furniture with a certain degree of contamination (of signs, of materials, of cultures) which leads to reinterpreting many archetypal forms in a light and ironic way. 

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