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PHILOSOPHIE / QUESTIONS OF TASTE MAY NOT BE DISCUSSED - ONE HAS TO. Living is so much more than a roof over your head. More than ever, it is an expression of life and personal sense of style; a particular way of creating one's own unique environment. Like characters have a variety of facets, so are living spaces no stylistic monocultures, but the coexistence of different influences. The mix will decide - but what is the formula? Although the old Oscar Wilde credo "One should always be a little improbable” is still a fitting quote for interior-design. However, everything seems “improbable” in our moving extremely variable period of time. The variety of tastes, the enormous number of products, trends and diversity.  In order to enjoy this diversity, however, one must stand out significantly from the norm. Only in that way, the joy of selecting and furnishing will not be drowned in the masses, rather unfolds class.THE ELEGANCE OF A GOOD DECISION / CONCEPTUAL INTERIOR DESIGN Christine Kröncke furniture is above all a confession to style. Urban, timeless and inspired by a variety of design orientations but characterised by its own identity and signature styles. This creates interior-design concepts with emphasis on product quality and at the same time the human desire on quality, distinctiveness and harmony. Style can be anything, but not a coincidence. Our in style, colours, and features finely balanced interior worlds are characterised by an unobtrusive coherence. Creative, stimulating and at the same time a well founded constructive planning basis, which saves the customer the confrontation with randomness and makes choosing easy and enjoyable. This invitation to change, to extend or to complete, will ultimately lead to long lasting results and satisfaction from the very first moment.THE COLOUR OF WELL-BEING / OUR COLOUR CONCEPTS Human beings are not monochrome by nature. Naturaly we are craving for colors. The stimulating effect of colours influence the way we think, feel and act. Since prehistoric times we know red flames signal danger, we feel the relaxing blue sky and the healing powers of green - we can distinguish and therefore survived. Today, colour selection and perception is a little less an existentielle topic. But the colours and moods of our living environment still influences decisively our well-beeing at home - at least as relevant as our furniture and interior choices. Therefore, and for the pure joy of playing with colours, textures and contrasts we develop our colour spheres: Visible harmony of individual tones, accents and moods, creating an environment where humans and furniture feel comfortable alike.

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