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A LEGACY FOR FUN, RELAX AND JOY! And the heritage of this story, that lasts for decades, come along to the brand they created.

A legacy for fun, relax and joy!

And the heritage of this story, that lasts for decades, come along to the brand they created.
At a certain point, their story crossed cork and it became their life, their work and their passion.
Casal Vadio is their legacy for a funny, relaxed and enjoyable journey.

A home like you!

Casal Vadio is a homeware brand from Portugal. Our products are made of cork, which is a natural, ecofriendly material harvested from tree barks and processed right outside the sunny city of Oporto, where our headquarters is based.
Here at Casal Vadio we love sleeping in, travelling out and about, enjoying the sun and seizing the day to the fullest. Our products try to capture a sense of ease and joie de vivre that seems to be lacking from everyday life we want to claim it back.
Casal Vadio offers products for home, office and kitchen.
Casal Vadio pieces are designed in Oporto at Douro Creative Studio.

From the heart of cork industry

All products are made in Porto, Portugal, the main cork producing country in the world.
Since the historical cork stoppers for the world known Port Wine, the renewable bark of cork oak trees has been used for the most different applications. Casal Vadio products are made by people with vast experience with this natural material, using both traditional and moderns techniques to ensure the best characterisitics.

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