New features make furniture and lighting sourcing easier

Fresh from the developers: we’ve just updated our furniture sourcing software, simplifying how you specify products with Clippings.

Fresh from the developers: we’ve just updated our furniture sourcing software, simplifying how you specify products with Clippings.  

We’ve been listening: based on your feedback we added new functions to our furniture procurement software. They will give you more control and flexibility when specifying on Clippings. Try them out here or book your personal demo to learn how sourcing is a breeze with our tech.

Create multiple specifications for one project

Interior designers can arrange furniture and lighting products on the board when using Clippings.
Use the board to organise your product selection while keeping an eye on the overall look and feel.

Our latest release enables you to request multiple quotes for one project. Every project still starts with the board, where you organise product selections according to different budgets and styles. The grid view helps you to check the look and feel while the list view shows you more details including lead times. When you’re ready to request a quote, you can now edit and submit as many specifications as you like and name them how it’s most convenient for you.

Make changes at every stage

An example of a specification as displayed on Clippings, including editable name filed and a list of furniture products.
The Quotes are lists all your specifications which you can easily rename.

The client has updated the brief or changed the budget? You can now edit requested and received quotes and swap products or change quantities anytime. Keep track of your quotes in a neat list view under the Quotes tab. Here you’ll also see closed quotes which you can reactivate should that selection be back in favour. 

Save time with smoother software

Quotes and specifications can be updated at any time on Clippings.
You can update a quote at any time, e.g. if you need to change the quantity of a product.

From updating your board to loading product details in the list view, thanks to some under the hood works, your Clippings experience will be even speedier.

Curious how Clippings can improve your sourcing workflow? Contact your account manager or book your personal demo here to learn more about our interior design specification software and services.

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