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Blackcork is a Portuguese contemporary furniture brand.

Blackcork is a Portuguese contemporary furniture brand. The essence of the brand is based on the transformation of a material: expanded black cork. Sofalca, a company from Portugal, manufacturer of black cork expanded agglomerate since 1966, for thermic and acoustic insulation in construction and decoration in architecture, is now design editor: intended to sublimate the subject betting heavily on original and innovative design with the brand Blackcork. The designer and art director Toni Grilo invited the talented new generation of Portuguese designers to develop the collection.Sustainable design. It is only used cork of the branches (falca) for the manufacture of cork granules. These are block clusters in autoclave, being 100% natural process, without use of additives. The technology, developped by Sofalca, consists of injecting water vapor through the pellets, that will expand and agglutinate with the resins of the cork itself. This "cooking" gives also a dark color to the agglomerated cork, like chocolate. In the production of steam is used biomass, obtained on milling and cleaning the falca, what makes it truly ecological production and without waste, 95% energy self-sufficient. This super-material, cork, offers so many advantages, because in addition to being an excellent thermic, acoustic insulation and antivibration, is also a CO2 sink playing a key role in the environment.

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