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ASPLUND is one of Sweden’s leading and most cutting-edge design and interior companies.

ASPLUND is one of Sweden’s leading and most cutting-edge design and interior companies. The company was founded in 1989 by brothers Thomas and Michael Asplund. Their Swedish roots and devotion to the Swedish design heritage ensoul Asplund. The products are designed in collaboration with celebrated Swedish and international designers such as Broberg & Ridderstråle, Andreas Engesvik, Daniel Rybakken, Thomas Sandell, Thomas Eriksson, Jonas Bohlin, Piero Lissoni, Tom Dixon and Claesson Koivisto Rune. The vision to create future design classics is the momentum that drives the company. ASPLUND designs grace a wide range of great homes, offices and public spaces of various styles worldwide. The ASPLUND furniture collection is produced exclusively in Sweden, ensuring superior quality, while observing ethical and environmentally friendly production processes. ASPLUND is aware of our responsibility as a producer to make furniture that will last a lifetime and more — furniture that several generations can enjoy. “Producing in Sweden, benefiting the Swedish furniture industry and maintaining core values of Swedish design and manufacturing, is of fundamental importance to us” says Michael Asplund. ”We are committed in our opposition to `throw-away culture´. We want people to love to live with their furniture and to feel, understand and appreciate what good design is. We believe that good design and Made in Sweden is an ensurance of quality”. The ASPLUND carpets are handmade in India, mainly because there is no equivelent carpet production available in Sweden at present. We have been very careful in selecting a manufacturer who shares our quality and humanitarian values. We have always incorporated sustainable thinking in every sense as a fundamental part of our design and manufacturing philosophy. Our conviction is that superior quality objects of high etshetic value, sustainably manufactured, always last a very long time. Welcome to the world of ASPLUND!

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