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“I find metal fantastic. I love its sleek, elegant expression that can be formed, bent, cast in infinte ways. It is a living, strong and durable material which is timesless. The organic aspects of my design add a soft and a sculptural feel to the metal that fits into all kinds of interior.” - Anne Linde

In 2002, Anne Linde graduated from Manchester Metropolitian University in England, with a degree in Three Dimensional Design, after which she returned to Denmark. Originally creating designs for a number of furniture companies, but in 2004 she made the bold decision to produce the designs herself, in order to fully realize her vision. Anne’s first solo design was the famous Ledge:able shelf.

Danish designer Anne Linde's passion for the metal grew during her studies, and returning to her homeland she found herself returning time and time again to its cool, smooth appearance. Her collection of refined storage solutions has organic folds and angles for use in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens - actually anywhere in the house, telling its own design story through its myriad uses.


Which quite simple means, the timeless, minimalistic products from Anne Linde are so versatile, that they fit all kinds of interior. You decide how to make Ledge:able, Showcase or one of the other products your own by adding your favourite objects and accessories.

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