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Alki is a unique company specializing in furniture manufacturing since 1982.

Alki is a unique company specializing in furniture manufacturing since 1982. Alki is a cooperative and is therefore strongly committed to both its environment and to its own people. Clients, architects and decorators all have their special place in this modern endeavour. Thanks to its local production, Alki creates high quality and meticulously finished furniture. The company’s unique style reveals an inherited traditional know-how along with a more contemporary taste. Because Alki is very concerned about the environment, it makes it a point of regularly modernizing its installations and equipment, and prefers using natural and ecological products. History In 1982, a group of people sharing a strong will to work and live in the Basque Country, created Alki in Itsasu (Itxassou), a small town near Biarritz. Years of work have allowed Alki to produce pieces that represent an age long commitment to tradition, culture and know-how. In keeping with the values that Alki holds most dear, the company is now leaving its imprint in the world of contemporary furniture, a world which is widely open to creation. A few years ago, in 2005, an initial partnership with Jean Louis Iratzoki led to the creation of the very succesful “EMEA” collection. In 2009, Alki’s new collections received various international awards and exceptional media coverage and support. Our project At present Alki is making considerable contributions to the world of the contemporary home and business,a world which is widely open to creative expression and innovation. Alki furniture is without pretense and spectacle. It fits very nicely in any environment without losing its uniqueness and identity. Its character is coherent and durable. The materials used: solid wood, natural fibers, and virgin wool bear witness to the company’s philosophy. Alki is committed to product excellence while maintaining a keen respect for its high production standards and for the environment. Alki collections, definitely contemporary, speak the language of harmony, textures and the senses. Alki has paved its own way through quality, reflexion, and respect.

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