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We live in times of globalization. We have open and easy access to the global market but we wonder where is the quality, what are the factors defining it and what are the products that stand out for their high quality level.

We live in times of globalization. We have open and easy access to the global market but we wonder where is the quality, what are the factors defining it and what are the products that stand out for their high quality level. al2 wants to be the ultimate answer to these questions. A team of optimistic people full with enthusiasm and dreams decided to create a new brand capable of offering the world, unique and high standard furniture. A remarkable and certified production unit with a successful history combined with awarded designers and the contribution of experienced executives with strong perception on the fields of international markets, marketing and communication composes the wonderful form of al2. No negotiations, no compromises! We felt the need to rethink furniture, restudy the use of it and reexamine the social environment that was meant to fit in. We wanted to rethink the materials, the level of safety they apply, wear out their capabilities and improve their environmental viability. We believe in design! Not as a doubtful make up of the product but as a targeted research and everyday expressions of a feeling and passion. These are the symptoms of an artistic concern that keeps as in touch with the world of creation. We are convinced that every contact with the world of design contributes to the maturation of a personal critic opinion and eventually adds to the effort for a better quality of life. al2 creates, positively… A big economical crisis lasting a lot of years. A disseminated low spirit. A luck of trust to the future. A dull behavior, to the social needs and ideals. This is the ground on which al2 was blossomed. A radical project. A refusal to obedience and compromise. A determined attempt to, reposition man in his main role along with his experiences, traditions and sole uniqueness. An absolute NO to the fatal passiveness feeding the deadlock mentality. al2 is a radical project, a hymn to creativity as an escape mode from crisis. HOME IS EVERYWHERE where the sky meets the sea and a boundless grey gathers the colorful remainings of a forgotten day my home is there where the road ends and the golden shade of the wheat takes your breath and you observe, odd the greatness of eternity my home is there where the asfalt swallows the city and millions of voices erase the dust and the iron trucks tear the ground my home is there where the silent pavements lead you beyond the customs building, till the nameless regions, full of neons, flickering to the redemption of the night my home is there time is an illusion No distance, no obstacles, only a dense fog covering the shadows of the past. Faded images, weightless, belonging to dreams or to the life of some forgotten characters. Who am I or who was I? What is done is done. Already it belongs the great History, that silently with arrogance swallows the ghosts of the past, taking possession of the daily trivial and personal stories. The clock has stopped and the sun continues its cycle. Is today really now? Is there a way to stop this moment? To take advantage of it? Just one breath and the present has gone far away. It has changed already my own self. One cannot repeat the same word. The second time does not look like the first. Maybe the mystery is hidden in the grammar of the verbs. Are we finding salvation in future verbs or is it only about a mirage, an illusion of the dialectic? Is there a future that is not hypothetical? Or it is all just a syntactic trick? We need the time since we are humans. We need the time to avoid the chaos. The universe does not fit in a glance. Infinity is insupportable if it occurs all at the same time. One word could be enough. One glance could be enough. Nevertheless we love conversations and we love stories. Stories need time. And in order for a story to exist someone must have existed before. To start a story we must say ‘once upon a time’.

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